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| Publicado 16/12/2021 por MAB National Communication Collective


A member of MAB for nearly two decades, Andréia is dedicated to the fight for the water right, resisting, along with many others affected, to the pressure of companies that want to surround the rivers of western Bahia with dozens of hydroelectric plants.

| Publicado 09/12/2021

Tapajós river fell on hard times. The story of Joelma Oliveira’s fight in defense of Amazonia

Resident of Itaituba (PA), a militant of the Movement of People Affected by Damns fights against a model of development which, besides causing a variety of environmental and social impacts to the Tapajós, increases the indexes of violence against women.

| Publicado 09/12/2021 por MAB National Communication Collective

The young leadership of Igor Meirelles

Belo Monte dried the previous mighty Xingu and changed the courseof living of around 50,000 people, which, nowadays try to restart their stories apart from the river and its references. MAB coordinator Igor Meirelles is one of them. He made the collective struggle against the injustices of this endeavor one of the purposes of his youth.

| Publicado 22/11/2021

6 years after Mariana’s crime 344 families still awaiting reconstruction of the houses destroyed by the mud

On the anniversary of the crime that devastated the Rio Doce Basin, the Movement of People Affected by Dams (MAB) performed symbolic acts in Mariana (MG) and Governor Valadares (MG) charging justice

| Publicado 12/11/2021

Brazil leads ranking of planned dams in protected areas that may intensify climate crisis

The projects represent a huge risk for socio-biodiversity and for the planet’s climate due to the emission of methane. During COP 26, more than 100 countries pledged to reduce gas emissions by 30% until 2030

| Publicado 06/11/2021 por Movement of People Affected by Dams

MAB Note | Doce River Basin: 6 years later, the affected people continue to fight for justice

Six years after the Samarco’s dam, controlled by Vale and BHP Billiton, ruptured in Mariana (MG), the people affected demanded the construction of devastated houses, the removal of the tailings from the rivers and the criminal accountability of those involved.

| Publicado 13/10/2021 por Liz Kimbrough / Mongabay

Brazil leads Amazon in forest loss this year, Indigenous and protected areas hold out

Satellite imagery brings us a first look at this year’s deforestation hotspots, areas where forest cover was lost in high densities across the Amazon, amounting to more than 860,000 hectares

| Publicado 15/09/2021 por Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens

A “feminist spring” in the fall: find out how the second national gathering of woman of the MAB

The event brought together about 400 women affected from different regions of the country in a debate about the challenges and achievements from the struggles of the women’s movement.

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