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| Publicado 19/09/2022 por Colectivo Nacional de Comunicación del MAB

¿Por qué la energía brasileña es la segunda más cara del mundo?

Con aumentos en el gobierno de Bolsonaro, en promedio, los brasileños comenzaron a gastar 25% del presupuesto para pagar la factura de energía

| Publicado 16/09/2022 por MAB National Communication Collective

Why is Brazillian energy the second most expensive in the world? Learn with 5 topics

Withn the increases in Bolsonaros´s government, on avarage, Brazillians began to spend 25% of their budget with the energy bill

| Publicado 15/09/2022 por Movement of People Affected by Dams

The patriarchy kills – Justice for Débora!

In this note, the Movement expresses solidarity and shows indignancy at the news of the murder of another comrade by the violence of the patriarchy; Débora Moraes, a member of MAB’s coordination in Porto Alegre was murdered on September 12.

| Publicado 08/09/2022 por Roberta Brandão

Fair, popular and democratic energy projects are debated at MAB’s tent during FOSPA

During 4 days, the event brought together participants from nine countries at the Federal University of Pará to debate the defense of the territory and the rights of the peoples from the Amazon Rainforest

| Publicado 05/08/2022 por Movimiento de Afectados por Represas MAR

MAR Launches the second number of the enMARcha`s magazine during X FOSPA

Launch of the magazine enMARcha during the X Fospa. Photo: Igor Meirelles/MAB

| Publicado 31/07/2022 por Roberta Brandão

Letter from the 2nd Meeting of Affected People from the Amazon Rainforest: rooting resistance in defense of life and sovereignty

Read the letter prepared by affected people in the Amazon Rainforest gathered at the 2nd meeting in Belém (PA)

| Publicado 31/07/2022 por Roberta Brandão

II Amazon Rainforest Affected People meeting highlights the importance of a National Framework on Human Rights and Companies

In a meeting organized by MAB in Belém (PA), activists from the Movement and from different popular organizations defended the approval of a bill that creates a legal framework for the rights of affected people

| Publicado 29/07/2022 por Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens

Note in defense of the indigenous territories of Rio Grande do Sul

No to the privatization of the dams of the State Company of Electric Energy – (CEEE – G)

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