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| Publicado 28/03/2023 por Cristiane Sampaio / Brasil de Fato

Celebrating World Water Day, MAB and its partners intensify resistance against water privatization

Militants carry out an action in the House of Deputies, trying to widen presence in the fight against conservatism

| Publicado 17/03/2023 por MAB National Communication Collective

International Day of Struggle against Dams: MAB denounces rights violations and celebrates the progress of affected people in different territories in the country

Movement of People Affected by Dams – MAB held political acts in at least 30 municipalities of the country to mark the date and revindicate policies for security and reparation for the violated rights by huge enterprises along the country

| Publicado 10/01/2023 por Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens

MAB repudiates fascist coup attempt in Brazil

Movement of People Affected by Dams (MAB) calls on militants to remain vigilant in defense of democracy and the interests of the working class.

| Publicado 02/12/2022 por Coletivo de Comunicação MAB MG

Veredas sol e lares¹: The first large experience of popular management in electric energy generation and distribution

The implementation of the photovoltaic plant in Grão Mogol (Minas Gerais – Brazil) with popular management is a result of the affected people` struggle in Jequitinhonha Valley

| Publicado 26/11/2022 por Movement of People Affected by Dams

MAB’s Note | In Solidarity whith the families affected by the criminal attack in Aracruz

The Movement solidarizes with families affected by the attack in Aracruz and demands justice; Among the victims is a MAB activist in the state, hospitalized in grave condition

| Publicado 03/11/2022 por MAB National Communication Collective

47 dams were embargoed due to lack of safety in Brazil and 4 of them are the maximum emergency level

In a report for Jornal Nacional, MAB denounces the lack of a dam safety policy, even after the crimes already committed by Vale in the country

| Publicado 16/09/2022 por MAB National Communication Collective

Why is Brazillian energy the second most expensive in the world? Learn with 5 topics

Withn the increases in Bolsonaros´s government, on avarage, Brazillians began to spend 25% of their budget with the energy bill

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