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| Publicado 20/09/2023 por Campanha Global

First impressions on the updated draft Treaty on tncs and human rights

The Global Campaign releases first impressions of updated draft treaty

| Publicado 10/08/2023 por Roberta Brandão

Issue of the affected will be incorporated into the multilateral debates guarantees Marina Silva

Marina Silva spoke at the Amazon Dialogues event, which precedes the Amazon Summit in Belém (Pará)

| Publicado 07/08/2023 por Roberta Brandão

Social organizations refer the need for popular energy transition in the Amazon

During seminar, part of the Amazon Dialogues programme, representatives of the MAB and of different popular organizations of the region defended a profound change in the structures that control energy issues in the country

| Publicado 07/08/2023 por Roberta Brandão

Affected by Dams Will Have Active Participation in the Amazon Summit

Between the 4th and 9th of August, more than 300 affected people from the states of the Amazon region will travel to Belém (PA), where they will participate in various activities in addition to the official Summit program

| Publicado 31/07/2023 por Roberta Brandão

Summit highlights the protagonist of the Amazonians in fighting the climate emergency

Event will be attended by people affected by dams from 7 states in the Amazon

| Publicado 18/04/2023 por MAB National Communication Collective

Veredas Sol e Lares brings unprecedented progress in the construction of a popular energy model for Brazil

Milestone in the history of the energy sector in Brazil, a floating photovoltaic solar power plant project was implemented with participation and social control of the affected and will benefit families from the Jequitinhonha and Rio Pardo Valleys

| Publicado 28/03/2023 por Cristiane Sampaio / Brasil de Fato

Celebrating World Water Day, MAB and its partners intensify resistance against water privatization

Militants carry out an action in the House of Deputies, trying to widen presence in the fight against conservatism

| Publicado 17/03/2023 por MAB National Communication Collective

International Day of Struggle against Dams: MAB denounces rights violations and celebrates the progress of affected people in different territories in the country

Movement of People Affected by Dams – MAB held political acts in at least 30 municipalities of the country to mark the date and revindicate policies for security and reparation for the violated rights by huge enterprises along the country

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