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| Publicado 10/12/2020 por MAB’s Human Rights Collective

Article | Human Rights only with struggle and organization

In 2020, Brazil did not sow rights; on the contrary, the country took lives, especially the lives of women, black and poor lives, all with a lot of violence and impunity

| Publicado 09/12/2020 por Movement of People Affected by Dams

The People Affected by Dams launch actions to mark two years of Vale’s Crime in Brumadinho

The Movement of People Affected by Dams – MAB organizes the agenda of struggles that marks two years of Vale’s Crime in Brumadinho – “There’s only Justice with struggle and organization”

| Publicado 05/11/2020 por Movement of People Affected by Dams

Injustice in the Doce river basin: 5 years of no reparation to the affected; read MAB’s note

We are the victims of a barbaric crime that is far from a correct solution, but we are also people who struggle and are willing to fight and put life above profit

| Publicado 26/10/2020 por Claudia Rocha / MAB Communication

After occupying Vale’s entrance in Brumadinho, those affected keep struggling for reparations

This action took place to denounce the exclusion of those affected at the company negotiation meetings with public bodies; after four hours waiting for answers at the company headquarters, Vale refused to listen to the requests made by the population impacted by the crime

| Publicado 05/10/2020 por By Marcelo Aguilar / Communication MAB

Profit by any means: understanding why the electrical sector establishes high tariffs for the population

The electricity industry of Brazil is dominated by large international corporations that obtain extraordinary profits at the expense of Brazilian natural resources and the pockets of the working class

| Publicado 05/10/2020 por by Silas Evangelista and Alexania Rossato from MAB National Coordination

Article | A water privatization project in Rio de Janeiro would leave the poorest population without public services

A project prepared by the BNDES intends to deliver the water services and the sanitation network of 64 municipalities in Rio de Janeiro to the private initiatives even this year. Rio de Janeiro will be used to test the waters before the implementation of this new sanitation model in the rest of the country

| Publicado 16/09/2020 por Claudia Rocha / MAB Communication, with the collaboration of Grasiele Be / MAB Communication Collective

On Amazon Day MAB reaffirms the need to protect the rainforest

With activities in several states from the “Planting Lives” campaign and a national act transmitted live, the movement celebrates a day of struggle, raising awareness about devastation in the region

| Publicado 11/09/2020 por Robert Rodrigues / Coletivo de Comunicação MAB

“Planting lives, harvesting hope”: one year of campaign distribuiting plant seedlings

The MAB commemorates the results after one year of the “Planting Lives” campaign and says it will continue to act in defense of the Amazon in the next period.

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