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| Publicado 13/10/2021 por Liz Kimbrough / Mongabay

Brazil leads Amazon in forest loss this year, Indigenous and protected areas hold out

Satellite imagery brings us a first look at this year’s deforestation hotspots, areas where forest cover was lost in high densities across the Amazon, amounting to more than 860,000 hectares

| Publicado 15/09/2021 por Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens

A “feminist spring” in the fall: find out how the second national gathering of woman of the MAB

The event brought together about 400 women affected from different regions of the country in a debate about the challenges and achievements from the struggles of the women’s movement.

| Publicado 14/09/2021

MAB celebrates 30 years of resistance and struggle for an energy project that serves the people

Affected by dams organize a series of activities throughout the month to celebrate the three decades of existence

| Publicado 14/09/2021 por Carlos Vainer

30 ANOS OF MAB, a look of economist and sociologist Carlos Vainer

Professor Carlos Vainer tells the story of his collaboration and mutual learning relationship with the Movement of People Affected by Dams since he met CRAB in Erechim (RS) 35 years ago

| Publicado 14/09/2021 por Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens

Two years without Dilma Ferreira: Know the trajectory of struggle of the defender of the Amazon territory

Learn a little about the history of the MAB militant brutally murdered on March 22, 2019

| Publicado 09/09/2021 por Coletivo Nacional de Comunicação do MAB

The struggle of Palloma Silva, trans woman, northeastern, for the full right to water and love

It was in the water fight in Caucaia in Ceará that Palloma Silva met MAB in 2016. Today, she tells her trajectory in militancy against the violation of large enterprises as an LGBT person

| Publicado 09/09/2021 por Coletivo Nacional de Comunicação do MAB

Ricardo Montagner, the small farmer fighting for a major transformation in the country’s energy model

The coordinator, who saw the Movement of People Affected by Dams born in the Uruguay River Basin, engaged in great struggles throughout Brazil and talks about its enchantment with the plurality of the organization with respect to different local realities

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