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Movement of People Affected by Dams

| Publicado 26/11/2022

MAB’s Note | In Solidarity whith the families affected by the criminal attack in Aracruz

The Movement solidarizes with families affected by the attack in Aracruz and demands justice; Among the victims is a MAB activist in the state, hospitalized in grave condition

| Publicado 15/09/2022

The patriarchy kills – Justice for Débora!

In this note, the Movement expresses solidarity and shows indignancy at the news of the murder of another comrade by the violence of the patriarchy; Débora Moraes, a member of MAB’s coordination in Porto Alegre was murdered on September 12.

| Publicado 08/01/2022

Vallourec dam overflows in Nova Lima (MG) and blocks BR 040

Water`s dam Mina de Pau Branco started to overflow this morning (08) in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte

| Publicado 08/01/2022

Letter from the people affected of the state of Bahia

To the People Affected by Dams and people who fight together with us in this dear and immense Brazil.

| Publicado 06/11/2021

MAB Note | Doce River Basin: 6 years later, the affected people continue to fight for justice

Six years after the Samarco’s dam, controlled by Vale and BHP Billiton, ruptured in Mariana (MG), the people affected demanded the construction of devastated houses, the removal of the tailings from the rivers and the criminal accountability of those involved.

| Publicado 14/07/2021

MAR | All our solidarity with Cuba and in repudiation of the US blockade

The Movement of Affected by Dams in Latin America (MAB) denounces the increase of the American blockade, which compromises the availability of basic supplies for the Cuban population during a pandemic

| Publicado 09/12/2020

The People Affected by Dams launch actions to mark two years of Vale’s Crime in Brumadinho

The Movement of People Affected by Dams – MAB organizes the agenda of struggles that marks two years of Vale’s Crime in Brumadinho – “There’s only Justice with struggle and organization”

| Publicado 05/11/2020

Injustice in the Doce river basin: 5 years of no reparation to the affected; read MAB’s note

We are the victims of a barbaric crime that is far from a correct solution, but we are also people who struggle and are willing to fight and put life above profit