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| Publicado 16/09/2022 por MAB National Communication Collective

Why is Brazillian energy the second most expensive in the world? Learn with 5 topics

Withn the increases in Bolsonaros´s government, on avarage, Brazillians began to spend 25% of their budget with the energy bill

| Publicado 13/05/2021 por João Marcos Rodrigues Dutra membro da Coordenação Nacional do Coletivo de Direitos Humanos do MAB


Under the influence of business lobbies, the House of Representatives approved yesterday, 12, the basic text of the bill that radically changes the rules of environmental licensing in Brazil, ending the compulsory licensing for various types of enterprises, which increases the risk of tragedies with great social and environmental impact. After voting on the project highlights, which happens today, the bill now goes to vote in the Senate.

| Publicado 30/03/2021 por Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens

Gold mining dam breaks in Godofredo Viana, Maranhão

The Dam is comparable to the Mariana´s Dam in proportion to the amount of mineral exploration; the population reports pollution of the Tromaí River in the west of the state

| Publicado 09/07/2021 por Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens

Note: Equinox Gold wants to criminalize those who fight for water

The mining company Equinox Gold tries to prohibit the affected people to carry out political demonstrations on the road connecting Aurizona to Godofredo Viana (MA); MAB repudiates the attempt to criminalize the fight for rights in the region

| Publicado 08/06/2020 por Caitlin Schroering


My work with MAB and conversations with people affected by dams around the world made me want to investigate the following questions: what is the state of the dams in my own country, the United States, in 2020? Do we have concerns about their safety? Could there be a dam break here? Can what happened in Brumadinho happen here? Who controls these dams, and who “benefits” from the energy?

| Publicado 05/02/2021 por Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens

Note | After the agreement on Brumadinho between Vale and the State government of Minas Gerais, MAB will appeal to the Federal Supreme Court

The movement does not accept reduced values, lack of participation in the negotiations and is considering legal action before the Federal Supreme Court (STF) to guarantee full reparation to those affected in the Paraopeba river basin

| Publicado 10/12/2020 por MAB’s Human Rights Collective

Article | Human Rights only with struggle and organization

In 2020, Brazil did not sow rights; on the contrary, the country took lives, especially the lives of women, black and poor lives, all with a lot of violence and impunity

| Publicado 05/11/2020 por Movement of People Affected by Dams

Injustice in the Doce river basin: 5 years of no reparation to the affected; read MAB’s note

We are the victims of a barbaric crime that is far from a correct solution, but we are also people who struggle and are willing to fight and put life above profit

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