MAR Launches the second number of the enMARcha`s magazine during X FOSPA

Launch of the magazine enMARcha during the X Fospa. Photo: Igor Meirelles/MAB

Launch of the magazine enMARcha during the X Fospa. Photo: Igor Meirelles/MAB

 Continuing the activities of the X Pan-Amazonian Social Forum – FOSPA, during the self-organized panel “Energy transition and experiences in the Amazon Rainsforest”, which took place on the last 30th, in Belém (PA), the second number of the magazine “enMarcha ” was released. The collectively created publication is a historical material about the struggles carried out by those  affected by dams and large projects around the world.

 In this magazine`s second number, the focus was on the environmental issue, especially the struggles against the neoliberal energy model. The content also addresses proposals for a new energy model like Guatemala, the resistance of more than 30 years against the construction of the Binacional Garabi-Panambi Hydroelectric Power Plant on the Uruguay River, on the border between Brazil and Argentina and the current context of predatory capitalist advance and violent. Other topics addressed are the resistance of the peoples of the Amazon Rainforest, the proposals at the community and decentralized level implemented in Colombia and Cuba and the reflections on the crimes of Mariana and Brumadinho from the perspective of internationalist struggle and solidarity.

At that moment there were present the Peruvian delegation, with representatives from the Aguaruna and Huambisa Council, the women’s organization Huaxna Kana Kamatahuara Kana and the Rondas Campesinas (Libertad region), as well as representatives from Bolivia and Catalonia (Spain).

The magazine is the result of the collective effort of the organizations that build the Movimiento de Afectados por Represas (MAR), which brings together around 19 countries, and is available for reading below.

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