Solidarity actions organized by the Movimento de Atingidos por Barragens (MAB) benefit thousands of families in situations of food insecurity in different states; more than 500 tons of food have already been donated.

Preparation of basic needs items for distribution to families in vulnerable situations in 10 municipalities in southwestern Paraná. Photo: Geani Paula Souza

During December, MAB promotes the distribution of basic needs items to families in situations of food insecurity in at least 8 states, in Paraná, Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Rondônia and Pará .

The actions count on the partnership of different regional entities that supported the Movement in the local articulation, on the assembly and distribution of food. The kits of supplies include basic items and fresh products from family farming in the affected regions, which already exceed 500 tons of food, such as fruits, eggs, vegetables, and vegetables.

According to Robson Formica, from MAB‘s coordination, the action demonstrates the Movement’s historic commitment to facing injustices and social inequalities in the country and supporting the most economically vulnerable part of the population. “We cannot allow thousands of women, men, and children to go hungry in such a rich country. The action demonstrates that it is possible to face and eradicate this problem if we have the ability to articulate and strengthen family and peasant agriculture on the peripheral areas of cities. This is a breath of fresh air at the end of yet another difficult year. This is what allows us to renew hopes and the belief that organization and struggle can contribute to a country with justice, without exploitation, and without hunger”.

In addition to basic foods, the kits include fresh products from family farming, such as fruits and vegetables. Photo: Geani Paula Souza

A resident of the municipality of São Mateus (ES), Andrea Aparecida, was one of those contemplated by the action. A member of the Associação de Pescadores de Povoação, she says the donation came at the right time. “For us, this work was of paramount importance due to the difficult situation we have in Rio Doce and all the problems that have worsened now in the pandemic. With the kits, we will contemplate several families and make a happier Christmas”, he said. In Espírito Santo, 45 tons of food were donated to 1,500 families in communities in five municipalities affected by Vale’s crime in the state (Conceição da Barra, Colatina, São Mateus, Linhares and Aracruz).

Distribution of the kits in São Mateus (ES). Photo: MAB

In Paraná, 2,500 socially vulnerable families in the southwest of the state benefited from the kits of basic needs through a partnership with the Associação de Defesa dos Rios e do Meio Ambiente – ​​ADERMA and the Fórum Regional das Entidades do Sudoeste do Paraná.

In the municipality of Palmas (PR), the secretary of social assistance, Claudiovani Correa, thanked the support to increase the number of families contemplated by the city hall with the donation of food in this month of December. “This action has fundamental importance because the municipality is making an effort to improve food aid for the low-income population for the reason that this is one of the basic rights of the citizen. We have already managed to increase the number of 100 to 520 kits distributed per month, but the public power still cannot cover everyone who needs it. We know that the citizen’s right is much more than a plate of food on the table, but without a plate of food, it is impossible to have any other dream. And at this time of Christmas, sharing food is also a gesture of hope for a better life”.

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