Contribute to the autonomy and hope of those affected in the river Doce basin

The rupture of the tailings dam of Samarco Mineração S.A (Vale and BHP Billiton) is an open wound in Brazilian society. As a result of the criminal irresponsibility of the […]

The rupture of the tailings dam of Samarco Mineração S.A (Vale and BHP Billiton) is an open wound in Brazilian society. As a result of the criminal irresponsibility of the world’s largest mining companies and the Sate’s shameful complicity, the mud avalanche killed 19 people and caused an abortion in Bento Rodrigues, it descended the mountains reaching the Gualaxo do Norte, Carmo and Doce rivers and caused the greatest environmental tragedy in the history of Brazil.

Photo of Bento Rodrigues under Samarco's mud

Photo: Guilherme Weimann

It is a wound because it has torn lives throughout more than 800 km, between Mariana (Minas Gerais) and the ocean waves that continue to spread the mining waste into the ocean. It has tarnished our rivers, causing contaminations that damage animal life, fishing, agricultural production, and supplies to hundreds of thousands of people in the countryside and in the city.

It is open because Samarco’s crime is an injustice that is renews itself. The mining companies continue having the power in hands, deciding the future of the victims, transforming the right into merchandise, fighting popular autonomy and organization, multiplying the farse of “social dialogue” and that “we are all partners”.

Photo of portrait under the mud

Photo: Guilherme Weimann

Besides this, companies are benefited by the shameful performance of the Justice system that conduces the judicial proceedings and agreements in a way that makes it more difficult to punish those responsible. Besides having paid less than 1% of the fines in almost two years since the crime, no one has been arrested and the criminal trial is suspended for an indefinite period.

Amidst this context of permanent violation of human rights, the Movement of People Affected by Dams (MAB), which has for almost 30 years been organizing the affected throughout Brazil, undertakes a great effort to bring information and to become a popular protagonist in the Rio Doce basin There is no doubt that this is the only way to guarantee rights in the face of the power of the mining companies amidst a deepening State Coup.

Since the burst, we have reorganized our presence in the Basin by placing more people to motivate the work, investing in political training for the families, expanding our articulation capacity to involve as many partners as possible in this long-term struggle, we strengthened our communication to denounce the violations and announce our proposals which should become a Popular eepair Plan in the Rio Doce Basin.

Photo of MAB's March by the Doce River

Photo: Leandro Taques

One of the milestones in this journey was the March from Regência (Espírito Santo) to Mariana, held between October 31 and November 1, 2016, followed by the “A Year of Mud and Struggle” Meeting, which took place between November 2 and 5, also in Mariana.

During these months, we had important victories and grew our presence in Espírito Santo where there wasn’t organization affected by dams before the mud. Nearing two years since the crime, the steps of the march include participation of the MAB’s National Meeting between October 1st and 5 in Rio de Janeiro and holding state activities in Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo in the month of November.

In order to have conditions to carry out this historic task that will last for generations in the struggle for fair reparation of the Doce river, we need the solidarity of those who are outraged by this open wound and that also seek another society, with another mining, use of water and natural resources model in general that should serve the common good and not the profit of large companies that only leave behind destruction and tragedy.

Photo Justice banner at Bento Rodrigues during march

Photo: Yuri Barichivich/Greenpeace

Your donation contributes decisively to this struggle, guarantees our autonomy from the power of the State and mining companies and gives hope to so many men and women who only have popular organization as a way to guarantee their dignity.

Contribute to the organization and struggle of those affected in the Rio Doce Basin. 

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