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| Publicado 31/07/2022 por Roberta Brandão

Letter from the 2nd Meeting of Affected People from the Amazon Rainforest: rooting resistance in defense of life and sovereignty

Read the letter prepared by affected people in the Amazon Rainforest gathered at the 2nd meeting in Belém (PA)

| Publicado 31/07/2022 por Roberta Brandão

II Amazon Rainforest Affected People meeting highlights the importance of a National Framework on Human Rights and Companies

In a meeting organized by MAB in Belém (PA), activists from the Movement and from different popular organizations defended the approval of a bill that creates a legal framework for the rights of affected people

| Publicado 29/07/2022 por Roberta Brandão

II Encontro de Atingidos da Amazônia destaca importância de marco nacional sobre direitos humanos e empresas

Em encontro organizado pelo MAB em Belém (PA), militantes do Movimento e de diferentes organizações populares defenderam a aprovação de projeto de lei que cria marco legal sobre direito dos atingidos

| Publicado 13/10/2021 por Liz Kimbrough / Mongabay

Brazil leads Amazon in forest loss this year, Indigenous and protected areas hold out

Satellite imagery brings us a first look at this year’s deforestation hotspots, areas where forest cover was lost in high densities across the Amazon, amounting to more than 860,000 hectares