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MAB occupies the agency responsible for licensing Garibaldi

The Movement of People Affected by Dams (MAB) ocupied the 9th of December the agency Environment Foundation (FATMA) in Florianópolis (state of Santa Catarina). The aim of the action was to urge the agency making changes in the criteria for compensation of families affected by the construction of the dam of Garibaldi.
FATMA released the provisional license for the construction of the dam for six months. The construction company Triunfo did not obey the agreement that expired on August 2th. This arrangement described 30 conditions, amongst them social and environmental issues, that the company had to address before starting the work.

According to leaders of the MAB, the social and environmental problems were not resolved and FATMA released a second license for another 40 months. Even submiting a document stating that social problems were not solved by the company Triumph, FATMA released the second license.

The MAB claimed FATMA to suspend the second license and to change the criteria presented by the company. For the movement, the criteria did not include those affected by the dam of Garibaldi.

The president of FATMA, Murillo Flores, and the director of licensing and the manager of Water Resources, held a meeting with the MAB during the mobilization. It was agreed that the agency will contact the company Triumph seeking clarification on the matter. In addition, they pledged that next Monday (12/12), would be hold a meeting with the company Triumph, MAB and FATMA. At the end of this negotiation, MAB evacuated the building.