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Joka Madruga

Summer rains and extreme weather events, such as in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, São Sebastião, on the north coast of São Paulo or more recently in Vale no Taquari (RS), as well as collapses and tragedies involving dams in Brazil, such as Mariana (2015) and Brumadinho (2019), leave thousands of affected populations in Brazil every year.

The people affected in these diverse and many regions face basic and immediate needs, such as shelter and food, as well as the need for support from the Brazilian State and the companies responsible for the projects. Unfortunately, what the 30-year experience of the Movement of People Affected by Dams (MAB) teaches is that the reconstruction and restructuring of the lives of these families, as well as reparation for the damages suffered, only materialize when the affected individuals understand their rights, they organize and fight collectively in each part of the process of identifying damages/claims, incidence and mobilization.

The historical struggles of the affected men and women organized in the MAB have achieved many victories and lessons learned, mainly around the importance of collective organization, which every day proves itself to be a viable path to defending and conquering rights. It is with support for its principles, commitment to the affected population and social transformation objectives, that MAB asks for your donation to continue working to guarantee emergency humanitarian and organizational aid and reorganize the lives of these people.

The Campaign is administered by the National Association of People Affected by Dams (ANAB), a historic supporter of families affected by dams in Brazil and Latin America, which will continue to guarantee the execution of donations in accordance with legal standards, meeting the plans and needs created by those affected.

Donation details:

  • Banco do Brasil: 001 Associação Nacional dos Atingidos por Barragens (ANAB)
  • Agencia: 1230-0
  • Conta Corrente: 118.806-2
  • PIX (CNPJ): 73.316.457/0001-83
  • IBAN: BR7800000000012300001188062C1